WHALESEX from Ella Wang Olsson on Vimeo.

At the stage when I felt most stuck and most blocked, I let go of everything I was working on, and decided to make a video from scratch inspired by a painting I made at the beginning of quarantine. I was already experimenting and interested in the possibilities of the greenscreen, painting animal torsos and adding audio visual elements to bring them alive (see HORSINGAROUND below), so I decided to continue with this, experimenting with bringing my 2D paintings into the 3D- moving world.
In a spam of two days, I wrote, recorded and edited what I can now call WHALESEX.

WHALESEX is a rude and experimental take on painting and animation, the story comes from a random stream of thought inspired by the contents of the painting, and the possibilities of video animation.

I have become increasingly aware of artificiality in sound and visuals, and the possibilities in editing through software like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier.