How to Recycle a dead Cat from Ella Wang Olsson on Vimeo.

This was the first video I made in the second year. I like to think that it is somewhat of a mind map or manifestation of the main existential thought I had over the summer of 2019.

With this footage that was shot in Cassaigne (France) I thought it was necessary to put something together to think visually but also to follow my minds instinct in order to figure out what it was that i wanted to do and say with my art making. In a way i see it as a conclusion and start at the same time, as it is definitely a conclusion for putting the things i find interesting into perspective and a start to really begin looking at these topics in more detail and clarity.

The video itself is very open for interpretation as it touches the surface on various topics without any space for exploration. This can be quite confusing which I understand after showing the work in class, but to make a suggestion I hope that the viewer can view this work without thinking too much about what the meaning or purpose is, but rather immerse in the edit of the work and perhaps discuss or at least think about the different sections that do speak to you more personally or powerfully.

The question really is:

What is the field to you?

For me the field only exists in our heads (or at least in mine). It becomes a concept that is explored through the two individuals on the screen and the rest of society. The field becomes one of the Devine before knowing existed and away from rules of mediocracy. It is a metaphysical consideration of what makes a field a field similarity to what makes anything anything! How is a field different from a society? Why is a field a field? This can be similarly thought to how things are now in a society merely because that is all we know and all we have ever known as how things are ‘suppose to be’. Sometimes the field is also just a field for me. It is where human cultivation and civilization began. It reminds me that we are all just human in the end, with needs for food for water and for safety. It makes me think about all sorts of existential crap really. Occupies my mind in thoughts of perceiving and of knowing and of simply being alive…

This is also why I chose the title: ‘How to recycle a dead cat’. The phrase is ridiculous! ambiguous! gruesome! My nihilist side comes out from this: Aren’t we all just trying to recycle a dead cat? Continuously in this cycle of following the rules made by the ‘intellectual’ dead? What is this cat that we are trying to learn from and eventually reproduce into something new? And is it even possible? If we continue to recycle the dead cat will we ever learn something out of that?

You can see how my thoughts can turn a bit too abstract too quickly sometimes, but this is also where I am now in my art making. I am happy with this video and feel somewhat relieved and motivated to finally have a solid piece of work that I can refer back to when I feel lost.

You can say that this video is about everything and nothing at all but also a little about myself!! ;)

Hope you enjoy!

(Text written in 2019 just after showing it for my CPA)