I have been finding an abundance of as good as new tiles outside my house. They usually come from Czech Republic or Poland, and has been my primary canvas for the past few weeks. I have found it very satisfying to paint on tiles with oil paint, as the smoothness and glossy surface works well with mixing oil paint, and the weight makes the painting feel solid.

The subjects I paint seem to always develop into some kind of creature, dismissed by gender or health, lying at a position between sleep and unease around a series of other events. I have always found painting as an exploration of the mind’s images, attempting to simply paint what I see as it goes. I never know really when the paintings are finished, as sometimes I’ll leave one out for a few months before adding more to it to ‘finish it’. As I observe the images I paint, the more they seem to reveal about my thoughts. I want to continue this, however experiment more with symbolism and what kind of stories I actually want to tell.

The use of tiles has been interesting, as I would like to see them perhaps placed with cement within or outside public and private spaces.