My Shinning Matter of Thought During Onno’s theory class, we came up with the idea of writing a FLUENT UNSTABLE INSECURE HYPOCRITICAL WRITING exercise. This was a result of the unfortunate cancelation of our first group exhibition, which we had been working on based on THE MANIFESTO OF THE HYPOCRITE (column under). It was disappointing and really bummed us out, however Onno kept our spirits up and I got myself writing again! My Shinning Matter of Though is a written process based on the film, The Shinning by Standley Kubrik. I watched this film for the first time at the beginning stages of my Quarantine as an assignment for my Cinema and Photography course at Leiden. I realized I was frustrated, and the film made me realize why there was suddenly a sense of block in my head. With this quarantine, a lot of things happened, and it happened fast. The internet was quick to develop an online society of entertainment, productivity and socialization, and so did my educational schedule. I kept having the same conversations, hearing the same things and something about it made me feel off, blocked and angry. Everyone was doing everything to keep things going as normal, pumping each other up for when ‘things get back to normal.’ There was something about seeing and reflecting on The Shining (which you can read in the text) that made me realize that I didn’t want the world to just continue like nothing happened after the pandemic. I wanted change and I was keen to express this. change in perspective change in language change in understanding This text has been with me and developed under quarantine together with my “I don’t want to speak English anymore!” Video which I am currently working on.