I have always shied away from the topic of identity in my work. Being half Chinese and half Swedish and constantly moving from Stockholm to Singapore to Shanghai, I never found it necessary to touch on the topic with such seriousness. My official nationality is Swedish, yet moving to The Hague, I realize that this is the first time in my life that I've ever been so close to 'home'. This work was made after a deep calling for family and reassurance, wanting to feel grounded and be surrounded by people who give me comfort.
(I suggest that you watch the video before reading the next part)

The work consists of me walking around specific locations in Stockholm that carries a deep memory from my childhood. Along the images, a voice over is read by an automated voice, enhancing a feeling of detachment from the subject and the story. The video is cut quickly and moves with the subject along a story of parenthood and memory. In parts of some location there also appears archetypal images such as a woman holding a baby, children playing in a playground or a couple moving into a new house. In this I attempt to comment on even though this video is very personal to me, everyone in some way share the same memories of childhood places, the image of the parent and the story of growing up.

The video ends with the word 'confused', leaving the video with no answers and a slight feeling of loss, which is also the state that I am towards this subject.

HEY! WHAT IS SHE THINKING ABOUT? As a response to the question of never fully understanding how anyone else thinks, I decided to make a video instillation. The work is shown on two separate television sets placed in front of each other as a way to create an illusion of a dialogue taking place. The video shown on the screens interact with each other through an automated voice and images. I wanted to create a literal question on observing others, but since no-one else know how I think (similar to how I don't know how anyone else think), I attempted to do this from the perspective of inanimate objects. We are at an age where the majority of out time is spent starring at screens. If a screen was consciously aware of its being, do you think it would also question what we are thinking about? Spending hours starring at a screen, I attempt to create a dialogue between two TVs in order to enhance the simple question of: "Hey! What is she thinking about".

Why do we go out? Why is alcohol a symbol of adulthood? This is a documentary that I made during my Documentary elective in the second semester. We were given the assignment to make a 4 minute documentary on the topic of 'public space' and 'lost object'. I was interested to make this documentary on the topic of nightlife, and specifically: why do we think its fun to go out and do mindless activities?

The documentary became quite a journey for myself as I struggled to find my 'lost object' ironically. Since I was visiting Shanghai for my brothers graduation during this journey I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and as a result the documentary ended up focusing more towards the notion of growing up in relation to the symbol of alcohol and nightlife.

The work is a thought about a dialogue on growing up and becoming a so-called adult, on the questioning to the meaning of 'fun' and ends in a open, lighthearted manner with no questions really answered.

If you could say one thing to humanity what would it be? This video takes the viewers on a journey through sounds and images. With an unserious tone to it, the viewers are immersed in sounds of birds singing, dogs barking, ambulances hooting and the subtle sound of human steps. Only at the end of the video can you confirm that the camera is held by another being, but when she finally has a chance to use language to communicate, the video is abruptly cut. The title 'Moonlanding On mars' transforms the known industrial landscapes to more of an imaginary world. The video could be shot anywhere, the being could have said anything, yet all you are left with is a patched video with sounds.

The work is about abandoned landscaped, understanding of sounds and images and of being alive!!