When discussing memories, what we are told often becomes our memory. Our false memory. In this instillation piece I wanted to question the realities of memories, specifically to childhood. Often times, childhood memories becomes apart of our memory manifested by the stories told by our parents.

This instillation is made out of four vibrant colored papers. Each paper has an image of a child/baby portraying a facial emotion: sadness, anger, tiredness and happiness. The images are layered upon each other, creating quite a distorted and extreme version of the baby's emotion. When entering the instillation, you will realize that there is audio coming from each image. Each audio is quite low in volume, inviting the viewer to move closer to each head of the baby. When placed in the middle of the cube with the colors and images of the baby, the scene can be quite overwhelming.

The audio is of a human voice, whispering recipes of childhood cliches such as falling off a bike or playing with your mother. It is the combination of these images with the audio voice, that I attempt to stress this idea of 'false memories'. Everyone is able to relate with the emotions and stories these babies are being told, pushing out a more personal question on if your childhood memories are truly your memories or just a memory of a story told by another.